Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on November 3, 2012

Some new comics, roughly best-to-worst:

AvX: Consequences is a post-Avengers vs. X-Men thing designed to tie up some loose ends, and it’s significantly better than the big AvX event. Because instead of “we’re fighting and things are happening,” people actually think and have reasons for what they’re doing and the action isn’t dictated by the whims of a cosmic entity.
Li’l Gotham is a result of Dustin Nguyen’s minis covers that are quite cool, and while I thought it was just a one shot they’re actually trying to make a series out of it. Which is fine, since I enjoyed it.
A-babies vs. X-babies is also based on a series of alternate covers, but this one is actually just a one-shot. Which is good, because it’s much lighter on story. But it did have some amusing moments of baby versions of Marvel characters, so it wasn’t bad.
Wolverine MAX sounded like a good idea. Like the Punisher and more recently Nick Fury, Wolverine should translate nicely to adults-only levels of violence, profanity, and nudity. I’d never heard of the writer or artists before, but it turned out to be not for me. One of the two artists does weird, indie comix style stuff for some flashbacks, and while the story was fine, the dialogue didn’t do anything for me at all.
A+X is the first case of me suffering for not paying attention to the “Marvel Now” promotional stuff. I thought this was a complementary title to Uncanny Avengers, since A+X sounds similar to a team that mixes Avengers and X-Men. But instead it’s somewhere between the story-free fights-only AvX: Versus and a Brave and the Bold-style teamup book. I also failed to note that the first story features cable and the second is written by Jeph Loeb, and this turned out as terrible as those two things imply.

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