Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 14, 2012

Beauty and the Beast is a show that looked awful but also has Kristen Kreuk in it, so that meant I had to check it out just in case it was a halfway decent way to kill an hour while looking at a really, really, ridiculously good looking actress.

But it’s got a pretty stupid premise. The “beast” is a doctor whose brother died in 9/11 and then enlisted in the military to fight in the war on terror. Because the armed forces have no use at all for trained doctors, they decided to use him in a dangerous animal-human hybrid supersoldier experiment. Now, he’s believed dead but he’s hiding out in New York trying to find a cure, and sometimes saving Detective Kristen Kreuk from danger.

No one is hot enough to get me watching this. That narrows my schedule down to only four new shows: Revolution, Go On, Arrow, and the probably-soon-to-be-cancelled Last Resort. And Go On is the only one I’m completely sold on, the others could get the axe and it wouldn’t bother me at all really.


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