Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 21, 2012

Dr. Katherine Pulaski was added for season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation to replace Dr. Crusher. I didn’t know this, but apparently after conflicting over the direction of her character. Gates McFadden was fired. So they brought in Diana Muldaur, who’d actually appeared on the original series back in the day.

Unlike Dr. Crusher, she didn’t wear a lab coat, instead going with a mostly standard uniform, except the top of hers hung down almost like a short skirt over the pants. I think maybe because she was in her 50s and didn’t want to put her spandexed ass on TV every week.

She also different from Crusher quite a bit, demeanor-wise. Crusher is warm, motherly, and a love interest for Picard, and Pulaski’s most obvious traits were her stubbornness and sarcasm, perhaps in attempt to remind people of Bones McCoy (they were also both afraid of the transporter). Data took the Spock role to her McCoy, with Pulaski rarely showing Data any respect early on, referring to him as “it” and talking about him like he wasn’t there. The season with Pulaski was actually original series-ish quite often, particularly with the episodes Unnatural Selection and The Royale, so I definitely feel like this was a concerted effort to return to the earlier winning formula.

But fortunately, they decided to go in a different direction, brought Crusher back and never even explained what happened to Pulaski. I’m glad I’m now past her episodes.


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