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Posted in tv by Bill on September 18, 2012

The Mob Doctor is exactly what it sounds like. Jordana Spiro, the kinda cute girl from My Boys, plays a surgeon indebted to the mob, stitching up people off-the-books. The secondary cast is pretty good, with William Forsythe and Michael Rappaport as mobsters, and Zelko Ivanek and Zach “Saracen” Gilford as other doctors. There’s also a hot nurse and another kinda hot doctor, so that ain’t bad.

The premise is pretty decent as far as doing regular medical drama stuff mixed with Mob drama. And I was worried we’d get a whole pilot about how she’s just some normal doctor and some crazy situation and the mob enters her life like 50 minutes in. Which, given the title of the show, we’d kinda see coming a mile away. But fortunately they jump right into it, and she is a mob doctor from the beginning, letting them jump straight into the action. It is by no means a particularly good show, but I think the concept is decent enough to stick around for an episode or two.

There is one really terrible piece of dialogue in the pilot, where someone actually says to the main character “I realize you’re a plucky South Side girl who became a big city doctor,” which is not only just awful because it sounds like the writer’s words rather than a character’s words, but because raises questions about the racial realism of the show. I know Chicago to be ridiculously segregated and the south side is 93% black. The main girl is white, her family is white, the neighbors she grew up near are white, the mobsters are white. The only black character is apparently a rich girl who is not from that South Side neighborhood.


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  1. Pointless Nonsense said, on January 17, 2013 at 5:14 am

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