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Posted in advertising, food, ladies, other nerdiness, sports, tv, video games by Bill on September 9, 2012

videoRandom videos:

As this was supposed to mock the fans of every NFL team, I was waiting for the Patriots fans to get it especially bad, and they did. But this guy is clearly a Giants fan. 31 of them mock their own team or their fans, and then the Giants one mocks Jets fan.


Most of these I have had the same problem, but this guy clearly needs to keep scissors in his kitchen.


These things are called Brusspup illusions. I hate the music in this, so I suggest muting:


This punt return is nuts:


An excellent Sportscenter commercial, kinda spoiled by the frame youtube uses to preview the video, but whatever:


Behind the scenes of the Hardee’s commercial with Sara Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski is kinda boring. But I post it here because Ratajkowski mentions she wanted to do this because she remembers seeing Paris Hilton’s one when she was a little girl. And that made me feel really old. Apparently that was 7 years ago.


Someone made a trailer for a Final Fantasy VII movie… I dunno if they’re planning a whole fan film or what (I’m sure it’d be terrible). I’m a little shocked that I remember all the characters’ names, since I never actually played this (well, I did some chocobo racing for some reason), but I guess I saw other people play it enough. But what amused me is that they include Tifa, and mostly just point the camera at her boobs. I’m pretty sure they understand their target audience perfectly.


Three and a half minutes of terrible Family Feud answers, about half of which I’ve seen, but the guy at the end is the best (next best is <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6L8UQaAJmYs#t=1m41s”>at 1:41</a>, it’s the beat between ringing in and answering that does it):


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