Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 7, 2012

Outcasts is a British SciFi show that, at least through three episodes, is downright morose. I watch Boss and Breaking Bad and stuff, so I’m not averse to a show that isn’t exactly cheery, in fact I often like shows to be fairly gloomy. But this was just awful. The story picks up with a colony of humans on a new planet, having fled Earth due to what sounds like nuclear war. They’ve been there for 10 years without any word from Earth, when suddenly a new ship appears. So hooray, right? Except that they learn that things are worse on Earth, there’s probably no more ships coming and anyone left behind is fucked, and then (spoilers) the ship blows up entering the atmosphere and virtually everyone on board dies. The head of the security force was promised her husband and daughter would be on the next ship but hasn’t heard from them. Then she finds out her daughter’s on the ship and was one of the few who survived! So hooray, right? Except that she’s kidnapped by some guys who live outside their colony. But then they rescue her. So hooray, right? But then she’s all “fuck you, you’re not my mother, you abandoned us.” It’s just one horrible thing after another. And not the fun kind of horrible, where there’s a devious bastard doing cool evil things, or where someone’s faults are their own undoing. It’s just that these poor people are in a terrible situation. The one bright spot is Amy Manson who is quite cute (not pictured) and kind of badass.


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