Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on August 28, 2012

Project X is that movie about the high school party that gets out of control (not the Matthew Broderick lab monkey movie). It’s a found-footage thing, starring a bunch of no-names to try to add to the illusion that it really happened. There were maybe 5 really funny moments, but it felt like about 1/3 of the movie was just made up of montages of party goers dancing, swimming, drinking, etc. Plenty of the random footage girls were attractive and not wearing clothes, which I am ok with looking at, but it doesn’t exactly make for a good movie. From what plot there was, a major element was the main guy being a “total loser” who was using this party to try to become popular. But in classic high school movie fashion, he has a really hot friend who wants him bad who he for some reason ignores to instead pursue the hot popular girl. The combination of those two things really bugged the hell out of me* because I know a thing or two about being a loser in high school, and at no point does it involve having a hot friend who would like to date you.

* – Well, not the hot friend, who is quite cute, or the hot popular girl, who is really hot


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