Pointless Nonsense

Posted in ladies, movies, music, other nerdiness, tv by Bill on August 25, 2012

videoRandom videos:

I’ve said in the past that other than the Grape sketch, I don’t care for The Whitest Kids U Know, but this is another exception:


This TED talk about femtosecond photography is pretty amazing.


While not, as it’s billed, the greatest movie scene ever, it is pretty great.


What went in to the design decisions for the iPhone 5:


A pretty solid performance of this xkcd.


I watched this video to see Rory McIlroy driving a tennis ball, expecting some sort of measure of distance or at least for the video to feature more driving of a tennis ball than not driving of a tennis ball, but I guess it decided to mostly suck. But there is about 8 seconds of tennis ball driving. My guess is he could go about 60 yards on the fly, but it’s hard to tell.


Here is a random video featuring Jenna von Oy talking about her exercise routine, which I would have found really hot in the mid-90s. Included here mostly for Geebs, who I think also would have found this really hot in the mid-90s, and may still.


A kinda NSFW gif of Kristen Bell from House of Lies. I’d forgotten about this, but it is awesome.


And finally, this K-pop video seems to have some sort of plot that I didn’t pay attention to, but by about 0:45, it starts cutting to like 9 girls in crazy outfits shaking their asses, which is good, because that is my sole requirement for enjoying one of these.


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