Pointless Nonsense

Posted in stand-up, tv by Bill on August 22, 2012

John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show is the stupid title of a series where the British comedian hosts a bunch of stand-ups he likes. The first season revealed that he has tastes very similar to my own (Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, Marc Maron, Mary-Lyn Rajskub, Nick Kroll, Kristen Schaal, Amy Schumer, among others). The second season seems to be more no-names (at least to me), but I now respect Oliver’s taste enough to just go with it. Plus, at least there’s a John Oliver monologue at the top of each episode, and that’s not bad.

The only problem with it is how convenient it is to pull it up on Netflix and watch a segment of stand-up while doing something else. So basically I’m going to be done with everything they have on Netflix by tomorrow.


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