Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 20, 2012

Bullet in the Face is an insane IFC comedy-crime miniseries from the creator of Sledge Hammer. I think it’s meant to be a pastiche of those hyper-real neo-noir movies like Smokin’ Aces or Lucky Number Slevin. The premise is that a mob enforcer is double-crossed and shot, so the police give him the face of a cop he killed. This doesn’t make any sense at all to me, because having a cop undercover with criminals is helpful, but having a criminal undercover as a cop isn’t any help to the cops at all. And most of the 30 minute episodes involve unleashing the fake cop on regular cases that he’s not in any position to offer inside information on.

The comedy is very hit-or-miss, but a few of the jokes are insanely funny, and it actually turned out to be a pretty solid plot for an insane over-the-top crime story.


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