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Posted in ladies, movies, other nerdiness, sports, tv by Bill on August 2, 2012

videoRandom videos:

The comparison of Bane’s voice between the imax preview and the finished film is interesting. I like the way the first one sounds much better, in that it doesn’t sound like a disembodied voice off-camera, but with the final version, I can understand most of the words. It’s too bad they couldn’t have settled on one that was both clear and pleasing to my ear.

I’m not normally a fan of sketch comedy actors breaking, but Bill Heder losing it in the SNL dress rehearsal version of the Californians is pretty good:

I think this is 2 straight video posts with watch porn in them, but whatever. This watch is kinda goofy-looking and overly elaborate, but when the hour changes it is way too cool. Harry Winston apparently makes a totally new ridiculous luxury watch each year. No clue on the price of this one, but the 2012 one runs $260k. So unlike the last watch video I posted, here there is no danger of me wanting to buy one.


This trailer for the BBC’s Hunted with Alias veteran Melissa George looks kinda cool. I will try to remember to check this out:


A lame Funny or Die AIDS PSA is made awesome by Zach Galifianakis at about 2:10:


Everyone everywhere has already seen the video of non-Olympian Michelle Jenneke already, but it’s worth watching again.


And along the same lines, Melanie Iglesias continues making shameless promotion videos of her in not much clothing, this time with a hula hoop:


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  1. gtkrug said, on August 2, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    I think I like the Opus 12 more than the one linked above(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de0v6ps2x80). Flipping individual minute/hour hands just seems amazing. The one linked… The number that shows up in the middle seems remarkably poorly aligned. The hour transition is kind of neat, but… overall it’s underwhelming for something at all costly.

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