Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 8, 2012

God Bless America is the story of a man who has had it with rude, selfish, shallow people and goes on a killing spree, accompanied by a foul-mouthed, similarly murderous teenage girl.* It had an awesome trailer, and there’s more of that in the movie. It works as sort of the cinematic equivalent of a Bill Hicks standup routine, a rant at all the stuff that’s wrong with popular culture. But as a story, it kinda falls short. The first half was pretty great, I just felt like they couldn’t figure out where to go from there. Oh well.

A few random things of note:

  • About 30 seconds into the movie, he fantasizes about shooting a baby with a shotgun, so this is obviously not for everyone. But as everyone who knows me knows, I hate babies.
  • Other than not, as far as I can tell, being into girls or “certain things,” the foul-mouthed, murderous teenage girl is basically the perfect Geebs character.
  • Playing the horrible bitch of a My Super Sweet 16 episode star (Chloe in the trailer), the girl from The Finder made me think things that I’m not supposed to (and never did on The Finder) because she is still 17. I hope it was the straight hair and not that I have some sort of thing for horrible bitches. But I totally might.
  • They introduced at least a few totally killable people who they never killed, which surprised me a little. One, I assume, because he had a baby, and orphaning someone might have been against his ethics. But they had a Glenn Beck type character who I was surprised never turned up again.

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