Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on July 1, 2012

Wolverine and the X-Men is a 2008 animated series that rather cleverly opens in a way that should be familiar to fans of any version of the X-Men. It starts with a generic X-Men team that could have come from the movies or either of the previous cartoons. Then, without bothering to establish much of anything about the characters, a catastrophe happens causing the X-Men to go their separate ways. It cuts to a year later, times are bad for mutants, and Wolverine has to get the band back together.

It seems to be an instant improvement over X-Men: Evolution, if only because it’s in HD and features an improved voice cast and a soundtrack that doesn’t sound as if it were performed on a Casio.

They use fairly standard characters: Wolverine, Beast, Iceman, Cyclops, and Kitty Pryde on the X-Men, Toad, Quicksilver, Avalanche, and Blob in the Brotherhood, with Magneto on Genosha and Rogue as kind of a free agent. But when they deviate from the obvious, they seem to do so for the purposes of… cleavage. Emma Frost (with an English accent) is an actual X-Man, I think the first time I’ve seen her outside of comics as a non-villain, and Domino is included in the brotherhood. She’s probably a Geebs favorite as she is oversexed and a sniper, but I find her utterly pointless.


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