Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on June 30, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin, the Spielberg-directed animated adaptation of the Herge comics I’ve never read, is a straightforward adventure movie. Indiana Jones but a little more kid-friendly. There’s a treasure to be found, and it’s a race between the good guys and the bad guys to find it first. They travel by steamship and seaplane and motorcycle (with sidecar) and one of those classic roadsters. There’s really nothing great about it, but it’s also just generally kinda fun. I did not love it, but I think it’d be hard not to like it.

The trailers I saw didn’t show very much of the actual movie, and I’d always assumed the reason for doing CG animation rather than live action was to more closely resemble Herge’s cartoon-y art. But it really wasn’t cartoonish enough. Everyone had very real mouth movements with perfect lip sync and some of the things (some of the water and all of the animals other than Tintin’s dog) were indistinguishable from the real thing. But Tintin’s dog had the personality of a cartoon dog. He was basically a fiercely loyal small person that didn’t understand a word of English, not unlike Bandit from Johnny Quest. And that’s the kind of stuff, along with the generally lighthearted tone of everything, that I think works better when there’s a bigger disconnect from reality. Scooby-Doo talking in cartoon works. CGI Scooby talking to real Freddie Prinze Jr. does not.

But that’s not likely to change for the sequel, set to be directed by Peter Jackson, presumably when he’s done with The Hobbit. But the motion-capture thing doesn’t take all that long, so he might be able to squeeze it in between Hobbit filming and the inevitable re-shoots. And my issues with the animation style aren’t enough for me to not want to see a sequel, which I’m sure will be similarly enjoyable.


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