Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on June 18, 2012

Sometimes, I like to think the right is crazy when they think Hollywood is run by liberal gay atheists, but then sometimes Hollywood makes a movie like The Ides of March, where George Clooney plays a guy who is both the leading candidate for President and open about being agnostic, which could only happen in a secular humanist fantasy land. He also talks openly about wanting to talk to our enemies, finding out why they don’t like us, and trying to solve problems. Which post-9/11 is as much political suicide as being openly non-religious. And apparently he wants to make it illegal to make a new car with an internal combustion engine. I’d probably vote for the guy, but let’s be realistic, this guy would be more of a fringe candidate than Dennis Kucinich.

But I think the premise relies on that being the “dream” candidate that makes you understand why idealists would work for him, and why they’d do underhanded stuff to work for him. And in a George Clooney movie, an unelectable hippie liberal is the dream candidate. But once you suspend disbelief about the candidate, it becomes a regular political movie where people’s idealism is crushed by dirty politics and there are piles of plot twists and scandals narrowly averted. It’s not something I’d recommend anyone seeing, nor is it anything I’d warn anyone away from.


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