Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on June 18, 2012

Old World Blues is the third (or fourth, if you play them in the wrong order, like me) Fallout: New Vegas DLC, and by far the best. You are transported to Big Mountain, a pre-war advanced research facility, you have your brain removed, and yet somehow you can still walk and talk and think and do all the things someone with no brain shouldn’t be able to do. It’s then that you meat the Think Tank, a group of 5 floating brains in jars who need your help to defeat the evil Dr. Mobius. That’s when the expansion really shines, because the brains personalities are quite hilarious. They’re super scientists who have been at it for hundreds of years (studying exciting fields like idea-ology), done lots of drugs (one clearly has a massive mentats addiction), and are quite forgetful. When you walk around Big MT (or “the big empty”), you are bombarded with messages from the brains over a giant PA system, like “hey guys, try this intercom thing, it makes you sound like some sort of … SKY-GOD!” Or when searching for some research inside a virtual high school, the brain that controls the high school declares himself “your omnipotent god-principal.” The voice actors do a great job on the brains, especially James “Dr. Venture” Urbaniak. And they actually come up with a plot that makes sense of everything that goes on, which was surprising.

The upgrades you get here are actually quite cool. There are a couple of nice implants (the one that lets you move faster while crouched is the best thing ever, and I’m now pissed I couldn’t have gotten that earlier), you get to change your original choice of perks, there’s a stealth suit, and you can get a helmet that will regenerate HP while you wear it. The new weapons are some energy weapons and a machine gun, neither of which fit my character’s style at all, but they were still kind of interesting. The one odd thing is that I ended this expansion at level 49, and on the one hand, there’s basically nothing left for me to do in the game anywhere, but I am just one level from maxing out. I shouldn’t waste the time just to get level 50, but I may just end up having so much time to waste this summer that I do it anyway.


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