Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on June 15, 2012

Superman Vs. The Elite is the new DC animated feature, a loose adaptation of a Superman comic I never read, which was a response to the popularity and acclaim at the time for The Authority, who most of the people watching this movie will probably have never heard of. But the meta-commentary still works, I guess, because anti-heroes remain popular in comics, movies based on comics, and cartoons based on comics. So he might as well be taking on analogues of Wolverine, the Punisher, etc.

The movie’s ok. Some solid action and the voices of Superman (they use George Newbern from JLU) and Manchester Black (the Jenny Sparks analogue) are really good. The animation’s iffy in spots, the plot is fairly predictable, and the goth-y NCIS girl is terrible as Lois Lane.

Random gripes: one of the things they seem to want to push is the Elite’s superior media savvy, partly by constantly showing them surrounded by floating cameras. But the cameras are shaped exactly like TIE Advanceds (Vader’s fighter in A New Hope) as you can kinda see here. Why would they do that? There are plenty of non-TIE Advanced shapes to use.

Also, spoiler:

Superman pre-arranges to fight a group of people on live TV who want to kill him and we’re supposed to believe they actually might kill him. So it makes no sense that Batman and Green Lantern and the Flash and Wonder Woman would just sit back and watch it on TV. I guess the eventual reveal sort of explains this, but it bothered me when the fight started. They sort of tried to lampshade it, but quite unsuccessfully, IMO.


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