Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on June 11, 2012

New and old comics, roughly from best to worst:

Gotham Central is something I attempted and bailed on during my poker days. But I gave it another shot recently, and I think it didn’t click with me the first time because it is a bit more intricate than I could handle while distracted. It follows the Gotham City Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit, their struggles with corruption, the public perception that they can’t do anything and Batman cleans up their messes, and actually solving crimes. Batman’s a very minor character, frequently spoken of but rarely seen. Apparently, at one point they were looking at developing it as a TV series, and it lends itself as naturally to a TV adaptation as almost any superhero comic (save possibly Powers, though with the struggles its having getting on the air, maybe I don’t know as much as I think).
Street Angel is an indie comic from 2004-ish about a 12 year old martial artist who’s also the world’s greatest skateboarder. It’s very funny and action-packed. There’s apparently a spin-off series called Afrodesiac about a Luke Cage-ish blaxploitation hero from the 70s, which I will track down at some point soon.
Grim Leaper is basically an incredibly morbid romantic comedy, and I quite enjoyed it. The basic idea is that this guy keeps dying, then returns to inhabit another body, only to die again rather quickly. But then he stumbles across another person with the same “curse.”
Extermination is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where an alien invasion has successfully killed most of humanity, but what appear to be analogues of Batman and Lex Luthor are still around and team up to take on the aliens. It’s written by Si Spurrier, who’s currently doing the quite good (and quite NSFW) Crossed webcomic.
Before Watchmen: Minutemen is the first of the controversial Watchmen prequel project. I have mixed feelings on the whole thing. But this is written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke, who is one of my favorite artists, so it’s unsurprisingly pretty decent. But I feel like it will be ultimately unsatisfying, like most prequels. I mean, I already know what’s going to happen to most of these characters, so this is basically going to feel like very professionally done fan fiction.
Creator-Owned Heroes is, I think, an attempt to directly respond to the Before Watchmen thing. Several people have found Before Watchmen so distasteful (and Marvel’s legal victories over Jack Kirby allowing them to make the Avengers movie without paying his estate a dime) that they’ve pledged to quit big two comics. So here is what appears to be an anthology book of creator-owned properties. Which is a fairly dumb thing to base an anthology around, I think. A genre or a thematic similarity would make a lot more sense than one based around the legal status of its intellectual property. But one of the stories is drawn by Phil Noto, who is awesome, so I was certain to read it. His story, Trigger Girl 6, was pretty good. American Muscle, the part about the muscle car caravan in the zombie apocalypse, wasn’t that good at all. The rest of it is filled with interviews and essays and pictures of a hot girl cosplaying as Trigger Girl 6. The hot girl was fairly awesome, the rest of the extras were boring. I’ll probably keep up with Trigger Girl 6 and keep an eye out for any new stories, I guess.

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