Pointless Nonsense

Posted in ladies, movies, music, sports, stand-up, tv by Bill on June 8, 2012

videoRandom videos:

Hannibal Buress is a very funny stand-up comedian. But be warned, he opens with a bit about pornography:


I normally don’t watch musical performances that are supposed to be funny for how bad they are. Usually it’s either stage fright or just someone who’s not very good. But these people are quite bad, don’t seem to be nervous, and power through a really lousy version of the Final Countdown.


A guy not only foils an attempted thief by knocking him out cold, he waits until the thief wakes up and then makes him clean up his own blood off the floor.


I recently read a comic called Street Angel, and apparently someone made a short film version of it. I haven’t been able to find the whole thing anywhere, but the trailer looks pretty decent:


I feel bad for this lady, but more than that I feel good that even though I can recall getting badly tongue tied on a number of occasions, it was never this bad:


There’s way too much lead time in this video, just skip to 0:15 for, as the title suggests, an amazing barehanded baseball catch:


And another impressive catch, with an appropriately edited video:


I don’t think I’ve ever used anyone’s not real name in my phone, except for one time when I didn’t know someone’s last name. Anyway, here’s some short scenes about names-in-phones mishaps:


Trash and Progress is a super low budget Firefly-meets-Fallout sorta thing that just put out a trailer, and it looks sorta cool, despite the kind of acting you’d expect out of a super low budget film.


I was looking for the clip of Elzar going “Bam?” on youtube, but instead found a clip of Italian Futurama, which… Leela’s voice is just fine, but Bender is so incredibly wrong:


I don’t remember why I bookmarked this, but it is a hot girl dancing around, so here:


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