Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on May 29, 2012

Continuum is a new Showcase series about a cop (a brunette Rachel Nichols, though unusually for me, I like her better as a blonde) who accidentally travels back in time to 2012, chasing a group of anti-corporatocracy terrorists who came with her from 2076. The pilot is mediocre at best. Explaining how she has no ID, credit cards, or money, but basically immediately lives a middle-class-ish lifestyle in Vancouver in 2012 was kinda silly, but I hope that was just an expository speed bump, and once we suspend our disbelief at the life she establishes, the series will be better. Given the lack of summer programming and my tolerance for fairly lousy science fiction TV, I’ll probably end up watching at least the whole first season.

It’s interesting to me that Rachel Nichols was in GI Joe and Conan pretty recently, and now she’s starring in a Canadian TV show despite not being Canadian. But I guess the work in American TV is somewhat limited. There are only so many network shows, and the work on cable is almost exclusively either potential award winners or light comedy procedurals, neither of which she seems suited for. But straight dramatic SF? That’s her bread and butter. And I don’t think even SyFy makes any of those anymore (Alphas is probably closest, but from what I remember, they go for plenty of laughs). But since Canada is still happy to make those, and I happen to think that unless you’re George Clooney and can do whatever you want, starring in a successful TV show is the best job in acting, so she’s gotta go where the work is.

Also of note, the Czech guy from SG: Atlantis has a tiny part as a guy without a Czech accent, and it’s totally weird. Lexa Doig, the hot part Asian doctor for a few SG-1 episodes, plays one of the rebels. Cigarette Smoking Man, the annoying kid from Jericho, and Sal Bass also appear.


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