Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies, music, other nerdiness, sports, tv, video games by Bill on May 24, 2012

videoRandom videos:

A ridiculous Lacrosse brawl. Apparently the guys in purple have just scored a goal to put them ahead 15-3 before halftime, and the guys in white are pissed at having the score run up on them. And you know how violent and unpredictable Canadians can be.


Street Fighter II with a portal gun:


A slinky on a treadmill is more exciting than you’d expect.


I’d seen this a long time ago, I think, but was only recently alerted to the fact that it’s the same animation studio that did the Goon test footage (which is still basically going nowhere because no one wants to finance it). This thing is a neat little short film, though I’m always a little put off by how much attention these animators spend on breast physics.


Opening beer with a chainsaw is a nifty trick, but the whole time all I could think was that he should be wearing some sort of eye protection.


A rather amusing Avengers gif:


The last episode of Awake is on tonight, so here’s’ the guy from that show (who I think is far more famous for being in something I haven’t seen… Harry Potter or Dr Who or something?) telling an awesome Jackie Chan story:


“Pat Sajak sexually harasses Vanna” sums it up nicely:


Dominic “McNulty” West was actually in Episode I:


This local news blooper isn’t a particularly interesting screwup, but I love how amused the cute blonde is by the whole thing.


One of the members of the awesome K-Pop group SNSD, whose music I may have never heard but whose videos I enjoy, throws out the first pitch at a baseball game:


Some site, I think With Leather, posted the first pitch video and said something like “this is why Wonder Girls are better than SNSD.” Which of course prompted me to check out Wonder Girls. I don’t like them as much, I think their videos need more outfit variety, and there’s only 5 of them. But they’re not bad, as far as muted eye-candy goes.


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