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Posted in movies by Bill on May 6, 2012

The Avengers is about as good as superhero movies can get. And I’m really less interested in the movie, than comparing it to the other best superhero movies. It’s most comparable to Iron Man as far as being really funny and having a lot of cool action scenes. But the larger spectacle of it all makes The Avengers, I think, slightly better. I still prefer The Dark Knight. Though Topless Robot made the very valid point that no movie has captured the spirit of superhero comics on film better than The Avengers.

Minor spoilers to follow:

I can’t really criticize the movie for this, because it totally worked, but Loki and the Chitauri are just there to be the “common threat” to get earth’s mightiest heroes to unite. The movie is called “The Avengers,” and it starts with them not on a team together and a bad guy wanting to rule the world, so you know exactly where this is going. It gets there in an extremely satisfying way, so again, I really have no problem with that. I just happen to prefer unpredictability, which TDK had plenty of.


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  1. joseph jeong said, on May 7, 2012 at 2:18 am

    I’ve always thought Iron Man was more fun, but The Dark Knight was better as a movie. In terms of fun though, The Avengers now rival it, and I love what they did with The Hulk in that movie.

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