Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on April 6, 2012

New-ish comics, roughly from best to worst:

Avengers vs. X-Men is the latest big Marvel crossover. And in typical Marvel fashion, it’s a pretty simple concept. The Phoenix Force is coming back, the X-Men want to let it possess Hope, the Avengers don’t, so they fight. It’s plotted by all the big writers at Marvel at the moment: Bendis, Brubaker, Hickman, Aaron, and Fraction, with Bendis doing the actual scripting. And so far it’s pretty good. My opinion of it may sour over the coming months as it infects nearly every Marvel series I read (I think Daredevil might be safe, but DD is doing its own crossover with Spider-Man and the Punisher, I think?).

Also, the cover I included here sorta makes it look like Hope is coming out of a giant vagina.

Danger Club is a superhero comic from Image, set in a world where the Justice League equivalent went to space to fight something and lost, leaving only sidekicks behind. It’s a pretty straightforward story with nice artwork, but were it not for one character I’d have found the whole thing very bland. The one character is a girl named Yoshimi who pilots a giant robot and also has goggles and a jetpack, which is just cool. Presumably, she is also a black belt in karate and takes lots of vitamins. But yeah, I will follow it for another issue or two to see if either Yoshimi becomes the main character or the rest of the book becomes interesting.
Ferals is a new David Laphan series from Avatar Press, so I expected it to be gory, and it is. But it’s also kinda boring, there’s just some monster dismembering people, and I don’t care. So I didn’t really feel a need to read past the first one.

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