Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on March 29, 2012

Some new-ish comics, roughly from best to worst:

The New Deadwardians seems to be a strange high concept of Downton Abbey meets Underworld or something. It’s set in early 1900s London, where they’ve walled off sections of the city to try to keep the zombies out. And it seems like the aristocracy have all infected themselves with vampirism because the zombies have no interest in eating other dead stuff, but the plebs are still alive and potentially in danger of zombie attacks. It wasn’t exactly a wildly entertaining first issue, and it’s definitely not going to be action packed like The Walking Dead or anything, but it’s a hell of an interesting concept. I’m kinda pleased, too, because with Scalped and Northlanders both about to end, I was in danger of following no Vertigo series at all. Their new series of late seem to be extra literary/hipstery, so it’s nice to see one that might be just plain entertaining.
Supercrooks is the newest Mark Millar series which he has promoted as the best thing since the invention of things, but it looks to be hyperbole again. The concept is a pretty generic superhero one, a bunch of supervillains figure since all the superheroes are in New York, they should rob something in Spain, because it’s not like there’s a Captain Spain (which, I think might be an in-joke, because I think there was a Captain Spain in the Ultimates 2). The first issue was pretty bland, though. It’s a generic team building thing. A bad thing happens to an old guy, so then his protoge assembles a team of people who he’s helped over the years to right the wrong. In this case, supervillains teaming up to steal something, but it could be the beginning of… at least one of the Ocean’s movies. Given that I do like stories about stealing things, it’s worth a couple more issues to see if it becomes entertaining. But at least it was a Mark Millar book that didn’t have anything about rape, forced abortions, or oddly racist stuff.
Hoax Hunters is a great concept that had a bad first issue. The premise is that the crew of a Mythbusters-like show goes and investigates rumored supernatural occurrences, defeats the real supernatural threat, and then goes on TV with fake evidence to explain how the “hoax” was perpetrated. I didn’t care at all for the particular hoax they investigated in the first issue, but I’m in for one more issue to see if they can turn it around.
The Secret History of D.B. Cooper is a fantastic title. But the actual content doesn’t do it for me. The premise is that before the hijacking, Cooper was an American agent who fought monsters during acid trips that corresponded to actual enemies. Like defeating the monster analog of Khrushchev would actually result in the unexplainable death of Khrushchev. Which is kinda too ridiculous for me.

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