Pointless Nonsense

Posted in advertising, ladies, movies, sports, tv by Bill on March 29, 2012

videoRandom videos:

How It Should Have Ended: Game of Thrones, Season 1. Obviously, spoilers, but this is awesome:


Ruin is a CG-animated post apocalyptic action thing. No plot, but it’s quite cool looking. A good way to kill 8:30 if you have it:


This is a visualization of how driverless cars would work in a busy intersection. It’s kind of terrifying, but traffic just moves so damn smoothly:


Video shot from the perspective of a jumprope. Which is kinda cool, but somehow they have to make it somewhat pretentious (I think because it’s actually some sort of fashion ad or promotion or something).


For some reason, a lot of NBA highlights. The first of which, if I’m his coach, I’m benching him for doing a windmill in a close game, but it’s still impressive:


One of the better passes you’ll ever see:


And too bad this didn’t count:


And finally, this is just a gif, but its combination of being a well executed cool concept and also being extremely frustrating makes it noteworthy:


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