Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on March 9, 2012

Several new-ish comics, in roughly best-to-worst order:

Manhattan Projects is a creator owned thing by Jonathan Hickman that had the best comic preview I’ve ever seen. So, in that spirit, I will just say that it has a very promising science fiction premise and the first issue is highly entertaining.
Since I am enjoying the hell out of Locke and Key, I grabbed a couple other things by Joe Hill, including The Cape (which it turns out it someone else adapting Joe Hill’s short prose story). It’s short, just 4 issues, but it’s a really solid story about a broken guy with superpowers being a dick. And doing things like dropping bears on people.
Fairest is a Fables spinoff that, in theory, stars the ladies of Fables: Cindy, Rose Red, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Which got me excited, because they tend to be the most interesting characters. The cover seems to promise exactly that, but until the last page, every bit of dialog is spoken by men. Which is weird. But, I’ve read all of Fables and all of its spinoffs, and despite the false advertising, this was a fairly interesting first issue.
Supurbia is a superhero soap opera along the lines of Noble Causes, but more Desperate Housewives than Dallas. Members of a Justice League-like organization (including analogues of Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Cap & Bucky, and someone who might be the Martian Manhunter all, unbeknownst to the public, live together in an ordinary looking suburban neighborhood with their families. It’s a solid first issue, with promises of sex and drugs and scandal and underhandedness and probably some cat fights at some point. Oddly, it’s written by Grace Randolph who I sorta know from doing a bunch of youtube stuff. And my impression of her is generally that she seems totally likable and also totally wrong for the kind of stuff she does on youtube, so I’m not a regular viewer at all. But I will be reading her comic!
Hell Yeah close to being something I’d like. But I dunno, either I missed something, or the plot moved too slow, or who knows. It’s about a kid with superpowers, about 20 years after people randomly started developing superpowers. He’s kind of a piece of shit and they briefly teased some mystery about his parents. But the first issue is basically entirely exposition, leading up to an explosion and a vague cliffhanger. I couldn’t tell you what the premise of the series is, which is kind of why I’m bailing. You get twenty-something pages to show me why I should read your comic, and at the end I couldn’t even really tell you what it’s about.
No Place Like Home is a modernization of The Wizard of Oz which has a lot of people excited. Maybe I just don’t remember the story well enough, but I didn’t pick up all that many references to the original story, and I didn’t find it a very interesting otherwise, even with the shameless cleavage cover.
Road Rage is another adaptation of a Joe Hill story, this one co-written with Stephen King. But I didn’t get it in the least. It’s about a biker gang who find themselves pursued on the highway by a truck. I think other people find big trucks intimidating on the road, but other than having a healthy respect for their size and mass, I don’t really give a shit, so I didn’t get a sense of suspense from the story at all. It’s possible it reads much better in prose.

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