Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on February 28, 2012

Having not paid any attention to the trailers or anything, I thought by Justice League: Doom, the title of the latest DC direct-to-disc feature, it meant Doomsday, but it actually means Legion of Doom. Which is weird, since they did a Legion of Doom thing, complete with a Darth Vader helmet in the swamp, in the third season of Justice League Unlimited (especially weird since the writer, producers, and much of the cast worked on that season). Anyway, this is a very, very, very loose adaptation of Tower of Babel, a Justice League story with a really cool setup that totally goes off the rails when the villain’s true purpose is revealed. Spoilers for the comic and movie to follow:

In the comic, Batman’s paranoia leads him to create contingency plans for how to take down any member of the Justice League in case they go rogue or become mind controlled or something. Ra’s al Ghul, one of the few bad guys who knows how to find the Batcave, breaks in and steals the plans. Using the league of assassins, he puts the plans into action. As for Batman, he steals Thomas and Martha Wayne’s bodies from their graves. This is the aforementioned cool setup. Where it gets stupid is that it’s all in an effort to distract the Justice League so he can build a radio tower that broadcasts a signal that scrambles the language center of the human brain. So all spoken and written words are gibberish. Which is kind of silly. And if the comic explained what the point of this whole thing was, it didn’t stick with me, because I thought it was quite silly.

Here, instead of Ra’s, Vandal Savage steals the plans. There’s no explanation as to how he knows who Batman is. He recruits Bane, Cheetah, Star Sapphire, Mirror Master, Metallo, and some Martian Manhunter villain I don’t recognize for his Legion of Doom to put the plan in place. This time, there’s no tower of babel, it’s just good old fashioned rule the world supervillainy.

They have a really odd mix of voices. There are enough from the animated series that most of the time it sounds familiar, but then a totally different voice pops up for an established character and it gets weird.

  • From TV series: Batman, Superman (Tim Daly, not the JLU guy), Martian Manhunter, Mirror Master, Star Sapphire, Vandal Savage, Wonder Woman (though she sounds different)
  • From previous animated movies: GL
  • From neither: Metallo, Alfred, Cheetah (the Farscape/SG-1 girl), Lois Lane, Bane (the Taco Bell chihuahua)
  • Weird: Michael Rosenbaum voices Barry Allen, having voiced Wally West on JLU.

Bane included probably for movie hype. Cyborg on the team because he’s in the New 52. Star Sapphire included because I guess the incredibly slutty costume quotient was low (though they didn’t use, the sluttiest version, at least here, her legs are completely covered… and I should mention that my objections to the Star Sapphire costume will be completely withdrawn if they can get Blake Lively in one of those). And the Batcave looks designed to mimic the recent video games.


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