Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 16, 2012

Awake, the new show about the guy whose family is in a car crash, and, like the plot of the Demi Moore movie Passion of Mind that I don’t think anyone saw (including me), lives two lives as if one was a dream and one was real, but isn’t sure which is which, starts up on the 1st of March, but the pilot is online here. And it’s very good, I’m definitely watching this.

Jason Isaacs, who I basically remember from The Patriot, but apparently he’s in some Harry Potter movies, stars, with the girl from The 4400 and Terriers as his wife, and a now typecast B.D. Wong as one of his therapists. Weirdly, Wilmer Valderrama is also in it, but he’s not distracting or anything.

It’s a very interesting story, has a solid cast, and a lot of good ideas introduced in the pilot. It’s a complex drama from the guy who created Lone Star and its on NBC, so my only real worry is that it gets cancelled quickly. Well, quick cancellation or a cop out explanation for what’s happening to him like “god did it.” It’s interesting, though, that it’s the same guy who did Lone Star, since that was also about a guy living two lives. Though, of course, in that case, it was a con man and not a cop with a waking/dreaming life thing going on.


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