Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies, music, other nerdiness, sports by Bill on January 31, 2012

videoRandom videos:

Truly one of the most majestic scenes in modern cinema:



Ten common misconceptions, supposedly debunked. They really only debunk a couple and then just say “no, wrong” to most. Still, pretty interesting.



I don’t get the point of Wastelander Panda, but I’m still totally intrigued:



Indie Rock Vanilla Ice is kinda funny, if you like 3 minutes of mocking hipsters. Which apparently I do.



Kids vs. chips at social skills, which is really cool.



A rather impressive dunk, but almost entirely possible because Pau Gasol thought he picked up his dribble.



A completely painful own goal in Costa Rica vs Canada women’s match:



And a really awesome save going out of bounds that goes in the hoop, but for the wrong team:


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