Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 17, 2012

Lost Girl is a show that is new to SyFy, but it turns out to be a Canadian show from 2010. It’s a pretty generic supernatural premise: this girl has crazy abilities but doesn’t know anything about them, then she learns she’s not the only one, everything you know is a lie, etc., and it turns out that she’s “special” and probably will end up being part of some bullshit prophecy or something. I expect it to be kind of dumb, but I don’t care.

Anna Silk plays the main character, and she is really hot. She sorta looks like a hybrid of Kate Beckinsale and Mary-Louise Parker, the pilot has lots of outfit changes and a nice sideboob scene (though possibly a body double), and she has a special power that makes women really hot for her, which means there is a pretty decent chance of her making out with some other hot women at some point. So, yeah, I’m not proud of it, but I will be watching the crap out of this.

(also, a quick check of youtube for the aforementioned sideboob scene didn’t turn up anything (although the internet didn’t completely fail me, it looks like one could download it here), but it did result in a whole lot of people making those shipper videos for her and another female character, so Geebs may also be watching the crap out of this)


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