Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 15, 2012

Black Books is a series I was interested in because it was co-written by the IT Crowd guy, stars Green Wing/Episodes‘ Tamsin Greig, and features generally funny guy Bill Bailey. I knew nothing else about it, including being ignorant about the fact that it was about a guy named Black who owned a bookstore. It turns out to be a very traditional sitcom. Multi-camera, cheap sets, laugh tracks, and all that. Which is rough sometimes (as it is on The IT Crowd), but it’s from 2000, so that’s forgivable. And it’s generally quite funny.

Dylan Moran stars as Bernard Black. I sorta know him from both Shaun of the Dead and Run, Fatboy, Run, but here he’s using a fantastic always-drunk-sounding voice that’s not over the top exaggerated word slurring, completely perfect for his character (it’s slowly becoming clear that he’s a barely functioning alcoholic), and generally very amusing. Tamsin Greig, despite being younger here, is considerably less attractive than she was in Green Wing (which she wasn’t super hot in anyway, but she was cute). I think she hadn’t found the right hair style yet. And Bill Bailey is Bill Bailey, though a little less nerdy and a little more neurotic than he normally plays.

When I first started watching British shows (which was really not that long ago, 2006 or so), I was amazed at how every new show I tried had at least one actor I recognized from a previous show. I’ve now seen enough of them that it is completely unremarkable when I see familiar faces, but it was still kinda cool to see a pre-Office Martin Freeman in the pilot.


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