Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on December 30, 2011

Three Inches is a failed pilot SyFy didn’t pick up, but they just decided to air it as a tv movie. It stars some guy who sorta looks like Saracen from FNL as a guy who gets struck by lightning and develops extremely limited telekinesis (he can only move things, as the title suggests, 3 inches). James Marsters plays the Charles Xavier of the people with extremely limited super powers, and it’s pretty lame. But Stephanie Jacobson (half-Asian mole girl from BSG: Razor) is in it, and she is extremely hot (Alona Tal’s also in it, she ain’t bad). So it wasn’t an entirely wasted hour and a half.

The surprising thing is how similar it is to the Alphas pilot. Mysterious guy meets our POV character, says he seeks out people with abilities to join his team. Our POV character is like “but my power is stupid and useless!” Mysterious guy teaches him how to use his powers to be awesome. He meets his fellow team members, including a manipulative hot girl and a guy with virtually no social skills. He’s not sure he wants to be part of the team, but he gets wrapped up in his first case. Some of this is just because a lot of “putting the team together” stories follow the same patterns, but some of it is just uncanny how similar they are.


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