Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on December 25, 2011

Columbiana has kind of a weird beginning. The trailers played it like she had a Huntress origin (mobster parents killed in front of her as a little girl, so she trained herself to be a badass to get revenge). And that’s pretty much how it went. Except she was kind of a badass as a little girl already, and just trained herself to be more of one. The trailers were also just annoying as hell with the constant repetition of “never forget where you came from,” implying a Tony Scott style of movie (full of editing tricks, like Domino, or Man on Fire), but the actual movie is very straightforward. Zoe Saldana is hot, she kills people, she doesn’t wear a lot of clothes, and what she does wear is often kinda see-through. Nothing particularly special about the movie, but good for what it was.

Callum Blue, who I rather liked from Dead Like Me, inexplicably plays a CIA guy, and almost all of his charm disappears when he’s struggling to sound American. I’m more used to hearing Lennie James (Hawkins from Jericho) fake an American accent, but his is actually pretty good here. His tendency to develop an exaggerated southern accent on random words doesn’t pop up anywhere.


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