Pointless Nonsense

Posted in ladies, music, nostalgia, other nerdiness, sports, video games by Bill on November 21, 2011

videoRandom videos:

I’m just now caught up on RSS feeds and TV after a weekend away, so this is longer than usual.

I told some people this joke, and it did not go over too well, but anyone who knows my sense of humor knows this is my kind of joke.


The end is what makes this one work, so stick with it:


This is one of the better news bloopers I’ve ever seen, if it is real. All my skills for spotting fake stuff along these lines require it to be American (or probably Canadian or British, maybe Aussie).


In case anyone missed it, the best punt return I think I’ve ever seen:


And the worst field goal attempt I think I’ve seen at this level of competition:


This montage of video game deaths is kinda cool. Its almost entirely pre-16 bit, but I think a few genesis games are in there:


Steam engine made of glass:


So I watched this because it starred, for some reason, Penn Jillette and Adam Savage, which made it seem like it ought to be funny or at least interestingly weird. It was neither. But there’s a hot girl in it, so if you want to watch something stupid and 10 minutes long with a hot girl (with a Minnesotan accent) in it, go ahead:


This is a random video opposing one of the internet censorship bills floating around, which is only interesting because David Dagon is listed (at 2:15) as one of the “experts” who think it’s harmful. And for some reason that makes me feel cool for having taken a couple of classes with him.


The demolition of a dam is kinda cool to watch:


And here’s some hot Asian girls in a pop video:


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