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Posted in ladies, other nerdiness, sports by Bill on November 2, 2011

videoRandom videos:

Most sports fans, when they run out on the field, do something stupid like try to avoid security, kiss a player, or whatever. This guy goes hardcore:


Cool spherical flying machine:


I watch Mythbusters, so obviously I enjoy things breaking in slow motion. With that in mind, here’s pumpkins being crushed. No idea why they include the unsettling music:


How did I not know that there exists a video of Alison Brie looking all hot in a santa suit? (Skip to 1:45 if you don’t care to watch a pretty dumb comedy sketch)


This is super cool and I expect it to be standard on… well probably not my next car, but the car after that (if, in fact, the car after that still requires me to operate it myself):


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  1. geebs said, on November 2, 2011 at 7:09 am

    How did you not know about that Alison Brie Christmas Video indeed! I could’ve sworn I’ve mentioned it before. (Also, I don’t think she’s in a sexy santa suit, she’s just wearing the hat!)

  2. josephjeong said, on November 2, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Soccer fan video: This was in Romania, and I heard about it and wanted to hunt down the video so thanks for doing that for me. The visiting team was in red, and the fan that assaulted the player was a home team fan. And the injury is supposed to be quite serious (the player was bleeding from his ear), and not the typical playacting. The crazy thing is that the referee had to send off two of the visiting team’s players because they retaliated, which reminded me of the Spurs-Suns series a few years ago. The team committing the assault (in the case of the Spurs, a flagrant foul) gets rewarded for its rough play/fans. Rules may be rules, but sometimes people really need to use some common sense. Luckily, there was another incident, and more players had to be sent off, so the referee had to call the game off (if you drop below seven players, the game has to be called). It would be an egregious injustice if Steau Bucharest had a player assaulted, and also lost the game because of the assault. I believe the Romanian FA is considering banning all home games (so they have to play at a neutral site) for the home team for a whole year as punishment.

    Spherical flying machine: Cool, but completely worthless for a personal air vehicle (PAV), which I know is your dream. Will also be worthless at any large scale. The aerodynamics of a sphere becomes very difficult to overcome at reasonable high velocities (there is a very good reason why planes look like sharp pointy things), and the small propeller will be worthless in any kind of turbulence (there is also a very good reason why helicopters have gigantic propellers). May still have some use in the smaller scale and niche applications.

    Virtual cable: Another idea that’s been around in the aerospace world for a while. The idea for planes was to have virtual lines drawn in the HUD, so the pilots sees a virtual road in the sky as they are flying the planes. I’m actually looking into this space (flexible displays) for work these days, but cost is still a serious issue. If this works, expect way cooler stuff as well (predominantly moving most of the stuff on the dashboard to the windscreen/HUD) to appear as well.

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