Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 21, 2011

I’m through with Terra Nova. Nothing about the characters, dialog, or week-to-week stories were the least bit interesting to me, I was just waiting for them to get back to the mythology. On Monday, they decided to have the protagonist confront the head of the rival group and ask a pointed question about the mythology, and he was given a response along the lines of “You’ll find out… soon enough.” So it seems like they have no interest in telling the kind of story I want (how the time travel worked, where the portal came from, why secrets were being kept about it, the writing at the waterfalls, the conspiracy (if any) in the future, and the break with the sixers). I’m not like the Lost viewers that always pissed me off, demanding a constant stream of answers, but I do demand something about my entertainment that is entertaining. And aside from Allison Miller being hot, there was nothing.

So with only Grimm, Allen Gregory, and Once Upon a Time to go, I’m down to two new network shows I’m watching. And with Prime Suspect likely to get cancelled any time now, it may only be Person of Interest. Maybe, as South Park suggests, these shows wouldn’t seem so shitty if I started drinking.


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