Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on October 12, 2011

Batman: Year One is the new DC animated feature, adapted from the best Batman comic ever. It’s a pretty decent adaptation, largely thanks to casting Bryan Cranston, who absolutely kills the part of James Gordon (and Year One is more about Gordon than it is about Batman). Ben McKenzie’s Batman isn’t great, but it’s not distractingly bad. The rest of the cast was fine. And for the most part, it stuck to the comic, so I was pleased. And they handled my favorite scene (right near the very end) just about perfectly.

The one thing that bugged me was Catwoman and Holly. And not so much what they changed, but what they didn’t change. If anyone can explain why Catwoman would be a dominatrix/prostitute with an underage prostitute sidekick, I’d love to know. That’s just… retarded. Why didn’t they change that? Realistically, she serves no purpose in the story at all and could just be removed entirely. And then in the accompanying Catwoman short, which was (I think) an original Paul Dini story*, what seemed like 2 or 3 of the 10 minutes were taken up by Random Girl dancing in a strip club followed by Catwoman dancing in a strip club. And I’m all for cheesecake in the right situations, but it was kinda poorly animated (it looked like a Japanese cartoon from 20 years ago), so it was just boring.

* – His comics career has me confused as to how he’s so frequently attached to good TV episodes (Batman: TAS, Justice League, even one Lost), but his comics (and video game, and now this short) are pretty lousy. Are the TV stories outlined in the writers room and he just fills in the gaps to make the teleplay? I don’t know. But when I know he’s on his own, the result is generally not good.


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