Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on October 7, 2011
Teen Titans gives an interesting backstory to Tim Drake, where he’s been trying to walk away from the superhero biz after quitting as Robin. But it also gives him a goofy winged costume and focuses otherwise on Wonder Girl, who I don’t give a damn about, so I will not be reading this.
The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is about a skinny nerd who sends away for the strength building program advertised in the back of a comic and develops super powers. It’s a pretty generic concept (with the little Charles Atlas twist to it), but handled well enough that I’m intrigued and will keep reading.
Penguin: Pain and Prejudice looks like an attempt to do the Penguin one-shot from the Joker’s Asylum series stretched out over 6 issues. Which is actually fine by me, since that one-shot is by far my favorite Penguin story ever, and Simon Kudranski does a really good job with Cobblepot’s face, making him look especially cruel when the moment warrants it.
Huntress is about the billionth series featuring Helena Bertinelli or Wayne (in fact, it’s not clear which this is, since I think it’s in the DCnU and she never uses anything that sounds like it might be her real last name). It doesn’t do anything remarkable or new with the character, but does a good job introducing the basics: she’s from Gotham, she’s got eye-talian roots, and she beats the snot out of people. In this case, human traffickers, but whatever. It’s a 6-issue mini and not bad at all, so I’ll be picking up the whole thing.
The Fury of Firestorm is about a character I only know as being from the crappier Superfriends and one Brave and the Bold episode. But Gail Simone is a good writer and Yildiray Cinar is a good artist, so I tried it out. There was one funny moment early on, but the rest of the issue was unremarkable.
Brilliant reunites the original Ultimate Spider-Man team in a creator owned series, so I was on board knowing nothing about the plot. And I basically still know nothing about the plot. As a first issue, it’s a complete failure. I don’t feel like I know anything about the characters, I don’t know what the series is about, I don’t know what the main conflict is or will be, it will apparently involve superpowers in some way, but that’s about all I really know. Still, I’m a sucker, and Bendis and Bagley are worth trying out issue #2, so I’ll see how that goes. Short leash, though.
Avengers 1959 spun out of one of the Avengers series, and features Nick Fury, Namora princess of Atlantis, Kraven the Hunter, Ulysses Bloodstone, Sabretooth, and some people I don’t know in the Marvel Universe’s cold war. But Howard Chaykin draws it, and his faces always look silly. It might be ok if I could get past that, but I can’t.

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