Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 27, 2011

Terra Nova is exactly what you’d think it would be. As an attempt to ripoff Avatar (they threw in some Blade Runner too, but mostly Avatar), it works pretty well. It similarly lacks any subtlety, it similarly looks expensive, it similarly has this guy, and I thought for a second they opened up a crate of unobtainium. But while I disliked Avatar, no one is telling me Terra Nova will revolutionize television, no one’s nominating it for Oscars, it’s not in 3D, and it has Allison Miller, who is easy on the eyes. It looks like it will join the all-too-large group of shows that I think are kind of dumb but I watch anyway.

Two things that were strange to me, the second is spoiler-y:

First, the main character’s son has a decidedly Canadian accent. Which I assumed was because it was filmed in Vancouver, but no, it was shot in Australia. So then it’s strange to me that they didn’t hire an American. Or an Aussie or Canuck who could sound American.

Second (spoiler), I got a phone call mid-episode and might have to re-watch part of it, but the guy from Avatar said he stepped through the portal a few seconds before the rest of his team, but it was actually months between his arrival and theirs. Then how come the protagonists arrived in the same order they stepped through in? And he was saying he wasn’t sure who in the future he could trust, but since the travel is entirely one-way, I don’t see why people from the future would give a shit about what goes on in an alternate timeline.


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