Pointless Nonsense

Posted in advertising, ladies, music, sports by Bill on September 22, 2011

videoRandom videos:

This video purports to explain the rules of rugby. I learned nothing about the sport aside from a few terms. Still, the video is awesome. And probably NSFW.


Sticking with the LCD, this is a Russian commercial for juice. The tagline is “Glamour is for fools. Vitamins are for people.”


This supercut of bad national anthems does include Carl Lewis, but fails to highlight the part where it goes off the rails. And I’m confused by their inclusion of Rebecca Black doing a perfectly ok rendition. I’m further confused by Mya Rudolph’s intentionally bad one but not including Frank Drebin/Enrico Polazzo anywhere. But whatever. The cop (I think he’s a cop) cracks me up.


SI’s Hot Clicks was highlighting brutal football hits last week, and the ones I enjoyed most were these two, of the same QB in Canadian football. Sucks to be Buck Pierce:


For a little bit, I was trying to put K-pop in each one of these posts, but I stopped trying a while ago. I can’t help that there’s just a constant supply of groups of hot Korean girls shaking their asses. I think I may have posted this same group/song before (or at least something that includes the same hot move at 0:25), but the video is new to me.


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