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Posted in tv by Bill on September 15, 2011

Two new shows on NBC last night:

My interest in Up All Night was entirely due to the promising cast, with Will Arnett, Christina Applegate, and Maya Rudolph. Late in the game, they added Nick Cannon, who I understand is hilarious, to the cast, which was probably a bad sign. Also a bad sign: I am not married, I don’t have a kid, I’m not a woman or Oprah fan, and I’m not interested in partying all night. These seem to be the targets for this show, as Arnett and Applegate are new parents who want to be able to have a hard-drinking, hard-karaoke-ing good time while still balancing a new baby and her job at an Oprah-like show. Other than one recurring gag about trying not to curse around the baby, I didn’t find much particularly funny, so this one’s out.

Free Agents stars Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn (who was apparently on Crossing Jordan, but I didn’t recognize her at all) as co-workers who are banging. I feel like this show is absolutely doomed to cancellation, because I kinda liked the pilot and these no laugh track slightly more sophisticated sitcoms almost always seem to need a “will they or won’t they” plot to survive. The only part of the show I don’t like is the douche co-worker. I get that they need someone to be a foil, but Anthony Stewart Head as the boss is much more engaging, and he’s a borderline piece of shit who could fill that role just fine. I’m definitely in for more of this (so I’m prepared for news in the morning that no one watched the pilot and it’s already gotten the axe).

Nothing new for me until Monday with The Playboy Club. Early ads made it out to be “check out how awesome the Playboy Club was in the 60s, and our show stars a Don Draper wannabe,” but recently I’ve been seeing ones that make it look like a dark murder mystery. So basically it could be impressively awful.


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  1. geebs said, on September 15, 2011 at 7:17 am

    Wait, you watched Crossing Jordan? She’s the receptionist chick. She was also Adam Scott’s wife on Stepbrothers whom John C Reilly was screwing around with.

    • Bill said, on September 15, 2011 at 7:27 am

      I gave it about a half a season back in my poker days.

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