Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on September 14, 2011

Seabiscuit is a movie I largely remember as a movie that lost a lot of Oscar wagers to Return of the King (it lost all 7 of its nominations, 6 of those categories went to Peter Jackson and friends), but when I first made my netflix queue I had some mild interest in seeing it. That had dissipated, so when it actually shipped that was the final deciding factor in cancelling the disc end of things in light of the upcoming price increase, so I’ll be streaming-only from here on out. I saved by queue (of about 250 movies and TV shows that I don’t actually have that much interest in) by capturing the RSS feed netflix has, just in case something changes in the future.

As for the movie itself, it’s a predictable and bland sports story. There are great obstacles to overcome, it’s all important to the historical happenings of the time, and in the end our hero is triumphant. What was far more interesting was poking around in wikipedia after and seeing all the things they changed to fit the story. The big thing was a whole story element where Jeff Bridges character running around and challenging War Admiral, acting like the other horse’s owner was afraid of Seabiscuit. In reality, they had a number of head to head matchups scheduled but Seabiscuit scratched “usually due to Seabiscuit’s dislike of heavy ground.” So if anything it was Seabiscuit’s owners/trainers who were wussing out. They also made it seem like Seabiscuit was totally written off as a disaster and sold to Jeff Bridges for a pittance, when in fact he’d won a few races here and there, and sold for $8000 in the 1930s which is about $125k in 2011 money.


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