Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 14, 2011

All I knew about Ringer was this promo image, that Sarah Michelle Gellar was promoting it at Comic Con, and… that might be it. With the CW having a number of supernatural dramas, SMG’s Buffy/horror-ish movie track record, and the fact that they bothered to promote it at Comic Con, I thought there was something sciencey or magical going on in the picture, but no. It’s the CW’s other main thing: rich people soap opera. In this case, about identical twins and all the stupid crap that comes with that. Also, it has awful dialog like (paraphrasing) “I’ve already forgiven you. Now you just have to forgive… yourself.

3 crappy pilots so far. This gives me more time for crappy Stargate and comics. But I wasn’t expecting much out of any of these. Next up is the pilot for Showtime’s Homeland which doesn’t start for a while but has been posted (with nudity blurred) here.


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