Pointless Nonsense

Posted in advertising, movies, music, tv, video games by Bill on September 5, 2011

videoRandom videos:

So supposedly someone in the audience shouted “Stairway!” so Dave Grohl decided to just go for it. The guitar solo is the best part. I don’t always dig Foo Fighters, but he seems like a generally cool guy.


And speaking of Led Zeppelin, some remix-y electronic-y music type people called Pretty Lights combined a bunch of Zep songs together and ended up with something that someone else set to some Tr2n clips. Could’ve used some more Olivia Wilde, but the end result was actually quite cool (and I still maintain that Tron: Legacy should have just been a 2 hour music video with no plot).


And speaking of music videos, this one is amazingly pornographic for just being chicks doing marching band stuff. The song is awful, though.


And speaking of amazingly pornographic, how did I not know there was a movie where Emmanuelle Chriqui gives a lapdance to Adrianne Palecki, and they later make out? This seems like I thing I would have known about. Or should have known about.


And now I’m out of segues. Here’s now the third Whitest Kids You Know sketch I’ve enjoyed, and it’s very, very funny.


A rather funny British commercial:


And the people (including 8-bit Theater/Atomic Robo‘s Brian Clevinger) who made the first Nuka Break Fallout fan film have started a series. This one at least has one New Vegas reference, but it’s not spoiler-y. And the girl’s kinda hot, though it stretches my suspension of disbelief that she exposes her midriff in the wasteland yet maintains her pale complexion. Not that I’m complaining about the gratuitous display of skin.


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