Pointless Nonsense

Posted in food, music, tv, video games by Bill on August 24, 2011

videoRandom videos:

I once hit an apple with a baseball bat for a Spanish project. We were supposed to make a video version of the Three Little Pigs in Spanish, but we didn’t want to dress up as pigs or anything, so we told the story of the Three Little Apples. And in lieu of the Big Bad Wolf blowing down their houses, the apples got destroyed in various ways (baseball bat, hit by a car, fall from a roof). I bring this up because hitting an apple with a baseball bat was awesome, so I loved this video:



I would never want to see Portal ruined by a movie adaptation, because I’m quite sure they’d fuck it up. However, this little fan video shows how cool the Portal effects can be in a movie. So I guess I wouldn’t mind a Portal ripoff movie.



If it didn’t require Facebook, I would totally try this. I wonder how quickly women give up on being the wake-up callers when the guys get weird about it?



This video’s been everywhere, but Brent Spiner’s Patrick Stewart impression is too good not repost everywhere:



“The Flagstones” was some kinda demo short for The Flintstones. Though it’s mostly cool, I can’t get over what an improvement the real voice of Fred turned out to be.



And some more Korean pop:


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