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Posted in comics by Bill on August 23, 2011
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1969 is the latest installment in Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s adventures in the public domain (and, as they progress closer to the present, differently named versions of popular characters). It’s not as bad as the 1910 one, possibly because I’m more familiar with the culture of 1969, but it still feels much more like a game of spot-the-reference at this point than a story. The first two volumes were infinitely better, with the whole metafictional thing being secondary to good old fashioned adventure.

Severed is a horror comic, something I normally wouldn’t pay any attention to, but it’s written by Scott Snyder, whose Detective Comics run has quickly turned me into a fan. It’s set in 1916 and concerns hobos (the rail-riding kind, and I expect to see one of those bandana tied to a stick bag things before long) and some sort of murderer. It was an interesting start, and even though I don’t generally like horror, I’ll stick with it for a while.

Our Love is Real may be the weirdest comic I’ve ever read. It takes place in the future, where zoophilia (sex with animals) is the norm and vegisexuals (sex with plants) are considered freaks. There are also people who have sex with minerals. Super weird. But not bad at all.


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  1. Pointless Nonsense said, on February 1, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    […] is the newest self-published thing by Sam Humphries, who wrote the distubring/clever Our Love is Real (the one where people who have sex with dogs were disgusted by those filthy perverts who have sex […]

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