Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on August 16, 2011

I feigned interest in The Trip largely to avoid seeing The Help with family. It was only after claiming to be interested in the movie that I realized I’d seen a clip a while back. And I’ve enjoyed Rob Brydon on QI and rather liked Steve Coogan in Hamlet 2. It turned out to be a very funny movie. The basic gist is that Steve Coogan wants to impress his journalist foodie girlfriend so he accepts an offer from a newspaper to take a restaurant tour of some of the scenic and remote parts of the north of England, assuming she would love to come with him. But she decides they need a break. So instead he invites his colleague and not-quite-a-friend, Rob Brydon.

I admit to missing out on some jokes that, because Coogan and Brydon played themselves, relied on knowing Steve Coogan is famous in the UK for I’m Alan Partridge and on being generally familiar with Rob Brydon’s career. But there are some parts that are universally funny (and if you don’t plan on watching the movie, I recommend just checking out this clip which is just great).


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