Pointless Nonsense

Posted in music, nostalgia, sports, wtf by Bill on August 4, 2011

videoRandom videos:

This might be NSFW, despite its youtube-ness. But it’s one of those “WTF is wrong with Japan?” things that are nonetheless fascinating:


This video is fairly sad, especially around 1:20 where it starts inappropriately zooming in:


The best kind of on-field soccer violence is the kind where people jump and kick each other:


So I’m sure this fancy HTML5 video by Ok Go has been seen by many already (if not, it works best in chrome), but it just made me wonder… what’s the point? It’s nifty that they can multiply and move windows and things, but that’s only cool as a display of the technology. They could do the same effect embedded in a video and it would basically look the same.


No idea what happened to the victim here, but it’s compelling video:


This is dumb, but it amuses me:


Found Footage has AC Green rapping about abstinence, with special guests Barry Sanders and David Robinson. The 90s were kinda hilarious.


This is impressive that she hits this straight into the top corner, but I feel like there should be a coach screaming at her asking why she didn’t use her right foot. If she’d missed, it would’ve looked kinda moronic.


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