Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on July 7, 2011

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so here are some new comics I’ve tried out (they’re in chronological order, it’s just coincidence that they worked out almost perfectly from worst to best):

Red Spike is about soldiers on special drugs to amp up their adrenaline to give them super strength and speed. It’s the comic equivalent of a late night HBO B-grade action movie. Generic concept, not particularly interesting art, some terrible dialogue.
Last Mortal is a crime comic with, given the title and cover image, not a particularly surprising twist. Despite the lack of surprise, I’m totally down with a comic that combines the story of a go-nowhere slacker with guns, drugs, murder, political intrigue, and a touch of the supernatural.
When I picked up 50 Girls 50, I didn’t really pay attention to the creators, I just saw a retro-SciFi pinup girl on the cover and thought it might be cool. But apparently it’s co-written by Frank Cho, one of the more notable T&A artists in comics, so I had I paid attention, I wouldn’t have been surprised by all the panels focused on women’s asses. The story concerns travel into deep space via a wormhole that does irreparable damage to the Y-chromosome, so they had to send all women on the exploration mission, where they encounter alien beasts that cover them in a pale liquid that both dissolves their space suits except for tiny patches to make the book technically SFW.  Except the liquid kinda resembles semen. So, yeah. It’s not quite porn but it’s pretty close. But it retains all the terrible story and dialogue of porn, so I guess if you really like that sort of thing, this could be the comic for you.
All Nighter is a crime-and-hipster-kids comic from David Hahn, the guy who did Bite Club. It has a weird Stray Bullets meets Scott Pilgrim vibe, what with the generally no-good indie kids hanging out and having relationship drama and committing crimes. It has a weird feel to it, but I actually like the idea, so I’m sold.
Witch Doctor is about an exorcist. But not like a priest with a bible and some holy water, this is a Dr.-Strange-meets-Spider-Jerusalem nutcase who just happens to be quite good at his job. He’s accompanied by an EMT and a creepy little girl and listens to a podcast chronicling unusual deaths. It is very weird and highly entertaining.

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