Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 24, 2011

Suits is USA’s attempt to make a fresh and unique show about wealthy people (white males plus some ladies of some ethnicity) addressing the problems of both other wealthy people and the oppressed middle class (Royal Pains and Fairly Legal are nothing at all like this show). They’re also doing it with a unique TV profession: lawyers.

Sadly, I do enjoy a lot of the shows of which Suits is completely derivative, so despite it’s total unoriginality, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. There were a couple total BS parts (lawyers have basically no need to crack a law book anymore what with these newfangled computer dealies, and there would be no need to do pro bono for a sexual harassment case against a rich CEO type as plenty of lawyers would take that case on contingency), but it the pilot at least was perfectly good fluff entertainment. It turns out Gabriel Macht isn’t half bad when not playing a poorly written version of The Spirit, or at least he is perfect for the selfish douchebag with occasional flashes of kindness, Gina Torres is always good, the guy who played Arnich in the Andy Richter Controls the Universe pilot is a great foil, and of course some random hot girls.

I’d love it if USA took a few chances, but I guess that’s what FX, AMC, HBO, and Showtime are for. And I guess we could always use more generally entertaining ways to kill an hour.


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